Scrubbing polluted air with a specially formulated biocatalyst solution.

 Removes contaminates with centrifugal force and antimicrobial filters.

 Replaceable filters rated at 95% efficiency or higher.

Click here for UL Listed Enviro-Clean Air Scrubber
Odor Abatement Hood - totally self contained system for neutralizing offensive odors Designed to provide a totally self contained system for neutralizing offensive odors.
ETLENVIRO-PAK FILTER ASSEMBLYClean Air Scrubber - Enviro-Pak Filter Assembly high efficiency filters
High efficiency filters used for removing particulate matter and grease vapors.    


Molitron is the leading manufacturer of restaurant greasy odor emissions control equipment, specializing in grease scrubbers and odor control systems.
Our equipment is specifically designed for reducing or eliminating greasy odor emissions, as is frequently required in new multi-story buildings with restaurants at ground level and in neighborhoods where greasy odor emissions are objectionable or forbidden by local codes.