The Molitron Odor and Smoke Abatement System (MOAS) is designed to provide a totally self contained system for neutralizing offensive odors and smoke emanating from commercial exhausts or any other source of undesirable odors and smoke. The MOAS can be used independently, or with the Molitron Enviro-Clean Air Scrubber or Enviro-Pak Filter Assembly.

The Molitron “MOAS” Odor & Smoke Abatement System will reduce odor particles by approximately 95% and reduce approximately 50% of smoke particles. The MOAS dispenses a neutralizing solution through nozzles located in the exhaust air stream. Chemical neutralization changes the particle’s molecular structure, effectively modifying it. And, unlike chemical masking agents or perfumes that superimpose a pleasant fragrance on an unpleasant odor, odor neutralizers absorb and convert malodors resulting in a reduction in odor and smoke particles.

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Dimensions:
    • Height: 32″
    • Width: 24″
    • Depth: 8″
  • UL listed IDEC Time Controller
  • Liquid Pump for Neutralizing Agent
  • Air Compressor
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Liquid Injector
  • Mixing tank for Concentrated Neutralizer.
  • Utilities Required:
    • 115 VAC 15 amp circuit
    • One 1/4” cold water supply.
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

Hiro Nori Rest, CA
Hyatt Houston,  TX
Maple & Ash,  AZ
Shoreline & Barca, DC
Momo Kebab, CA
Von’s Chicken, CA
Chicken Meet Rice, CA
Habit Burger, NJ
University of California SD, CA
Plaza Premium Lounge, Denver International Airport
Specialty Café, CA
Habit Burger, CA
UNO K Street, DC
Pizza My Heart, CA

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Cooking emissions can become a neighborhood nuisance if not properly controlled. Visible smoke & odor may alert authorities to possible compliance problems.

The EPFA can be located at any point, indoor or outdoor, between the kitchen hood and the point of discharge of the exhaust air into the atmosphere.

The Molitron UL Listed Enviro-Pak Filter Assembly (EPFA) is 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel enclosure fitted with top, bottom and end channels for holding in place pre-filters and high efficiency filters used for removing particulate matter and grease vapors from kitchen exhaust air.

Urban Egg , CO
Hyatt Hotel , TX
Plaza Premium Lounge, Denver International Airport
UNO K Street, DC
Taco Connection, CO
Oyster Oyster, DC
Garbanzo, Denver International Airport
Greenmount Cannibis LLC, CA
Qdoba, Denver International Airport
Apron Kitchen, Denver International Airport
555 Capital Mall, CA
Dong Lai Shun, CA
Stein Beer Garden, CA
Sheraton Hotel, CO
Johnny Rocket, CA


Enviro-Clean Air Scubber

The Molitron Scrubber is constructed of 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, with seal welded joints. It has a UL Listed electronic control; its only moving parts are two re-circulating water pumps. The scrubber is lightweight and lends itself to installation above the kitchen ceiling where space is minimal. As it is only 45″ in height, it can be located within an inch of a drop ceiling bar grid

  • Scrubbing polluted air with counter-flowing turbulent water treated with a specially formulated biocatalyst solution.
  • Removing contaminated water and grease vapors by centrifugal force and antimicrobial filters.
  • Filtering sub-micron particles from exhaust air with replaceable filters rated at 95% efficiency or higher.

The Molitron scrubber is mechanically simple in design and requires minimal utilities:

1. Electrical power requirements are one 120-Volt 20- amp circuit.
2. Plumbing requirements are one 3/4″ hot-water line and one 1-1/2″ drain.

Smoke or greasy odor emissions from restaurant kitchens are not acceptable in many locations. One of the major issues faced by developers of high-rise hotel buildings, condominiums and mixed-use developments is how to provide a recognized and code-approved way of treating kitchen exhaust air that is:

1. Free of smoke and odor emissions.
2. Suitable for side wall discharge at or near ground level.

District Taco, PA
Chick-Fil-A, NY
Roka Akor, TX
Habit Burgers, CA
Coopers BBQ Pit, TX
McDonald’s, Denver International Airport
Seasons 52, CA
Momo’s, CA
Fat Dog, CA
Chicken Dijon, Hollywood – CA
Il Fornaio, CA
Intermission Café, CO
Denver ChopHouse, Denver International Airport
Arizona State University, AZ
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, Denver International Airport

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About Molitron

Producing leading-edge commercial kitchen equipment, Molitron Company Inc. began in 1986 as a manufacturer of UL Listed Water Filter Kitchen Exhaust Ventilators, Filter Hoods, and Service Walls.

With a constant thirst for improving efficiency and engineering new equipment, along with insights for equipment needs to combat air pollution, the Air Scrubbers were invented in the early 1990s. The products are designed for the removal of grease, smoke, and odor from exhaust air to satisfy strict jurisdictional requirements. The original Air Scrubbers were tested by The Center for Emission and Research Analysis and approved for use by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California. In early 2008, the equipment was awarded UL Listing, the internationally recognized safety certification by Underwriter’s Laboratories.

Founded in Denver, Colorado

Molitron’s equipment is fabricated in Denver, Colorado.

Molitron’s full line of equipment includes the following:

  • Molitron Odor Abatement System
  • Enviro-Pak Filter Assembly
  • Enviro-Clean Air Scrubber


Molitron is a service-driven company. We pride ourselves in the delivery of professional support, timely production, and quality technical support. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving your air pollution control needs.